Creeper makes too much eye contact
He’s a bit too eager to talk to women.
He sits alone in his seat, waving to strangers,
mooching off of common courtesy.

Leaning over he pesters a French couple…
”Are you tourists?”
It’s asked bluntly, with dismissive tone.
Yes, they’re tourists. No, they don’t want to talk to him.

Creeper’s advances are unsolicited.
Creeper’s interests are boring.
Creeper won’t take a hint.
Creeper doesn’t respect boundaries.

Bordertown; ironic waypoint signifying boundaries.
Creeper gets a passenger to sit with;
a captive audience for his indulgence;
a sounding board for the self-centred, banal and inane.

Creeper questions the senior woman’s ethnicity.
Proceeds to lecture her on her heritage.
Explains he’s studied war at University.
Tells his captive he’s a writer.

Creeper paws her shoulder.
Creeper asks about vampires.
Creeper hints at undead conspiracies.
Creeper lectures about “girls” and life decisions.

Sweating and writhing, he looks like Gollum on a bad day,
and as wise as the lovechild of Ed Wood and Alain de Botton.
Senior woman asks “how do you know?”
Creeper doesn’t like the questions of philosophers.

Creeper affects chivalry towards service staff,
lunges at senior woman’s neck for a joke;
calls her beautiful with hands lingering over her chest.
She doesn’t terribly mind.

Creeper got the encouragement he craves.
Creeper will do it all again…

~ Bruce

Back to old Melbourne town…

In the wee hours of tomorrow morning, I’ll be boarding The Overland for another train trip to Melbourne, following my previous adventure down that way for the Global Atheist Convention in April of this year. I’ve got some more time off, and this time around, I’ll be taking it easy.

I have to say I’m a little worried by my inability to ‘feel’ the land over the border in Victoria. It’s not that it appears barren – I can ‘feel’ the arid lands around Port Augusta and Whyalla in South Australia just fine.

There’s something that doesn’t quite click, and I want to give it another go at ground level, albeit with a change of season.

I’ve got no events booked, and just a couple of meet-and-eats on the cards. Of course, I’ll do a little Christmas shopping at Embiggen Books.

I’ll try to take more photos this time around as well.

Updates will be sporadic-to-non-existent until I got back to Adelaide though. (Except in instances of convenient access to free Wi-Fi scammed from Melbourne’s fine coffee shops.)

It’s  only a few hours until the train chugs off. I’d better tuck in for a few hours sleep.

Goodnight my darlings.

~ Bruce