Vegan yellow curry

introcurryWhile the intent wasn’t to make something vegan (rather just vegetarian), this would be the result of my gastronomic exploits one night during a recent weekend. The aim was to produce a curry (Indian or Thai), that I could whip up for both my meat-eating brother, and my vegetarian self, to share during a movie marathon (while leaving left-overs for the next few days).

I started at a base-notion, after asking a few friends on Facebook for inspiration, with the idea of a Massaman (aka Mussaman, aka Mosselman, aka Matsaman, etc.) curry. The lore goes that the Massaman curry started out as a curry cooked by Thai Muslims, originating in the 16th century, arising out of Persian influences.

(So this adapted version, I guess, is some kind of yellow infidel curry?)

Naturally, being vegetarian, shrimp paste and halal beef (or any halal meat) is off the menu for me, so further modification was needed in that respect at least. It’s worth mentioning at this point, in the mentioned Facebook discussion, I admitted a need, and was urged to try giving up on substituting meat all-together (more on this later).


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Murray Bridge…

Okay. I’ve got a 3000 word draft in the bomb-bay, so I thought while I’m waiting for editorial decisions, I thought I’d post a picture on the same topic, that being my recent trip to Melbourne.

murray bridge

This is from my crossing of the Murray River, at the aptly named Murray Bridge, in South Australia. The birds you can see are pigeons (introduced) wheeling around the bridge, while below, there’s an old paddle steamer.

I’ve never been on one, so I can’t comment on what it’s like, but maybe I should give it a try – a paddle steamer that is, not a pigeon (which I haven’t been on either, incidentally).

The photo is taken looking downstream.

~ Bruce