Music Review: Raven Black Night’s “Barbarian Winter”

Here’s one I fired off to the almighty editor a couple of months ago…

“Owing to technical reasons (and kleptomania), it’s been a while since I’ve broken out the vinyl. But finally, with a new album release by Adelaide’s Raven Black Night this year, on Metal Blade Records no less, I’ve been motivated to get off my rear end, grab a replacement turntable, and put needle-to-track once again.”

You can read the whole article in Rabelais #8 (2013) over here

~ Bruce

Plug for a mate: Trying Illegal Things

I’m not the only one who’s taken a creative break in recent months. MrMPalmer33, a friend of mine, has returned from a long stay in oblivion to grace us with another piece of psychedelic, mellotron infused ambience.

Enjoy (and subscribe!)

Trying Illegal Things (5:42)

~ Bruce