Here we go…

All the bits that are mine, I publish under copyright.

Your right to fair use is recognised – cite what you need to in order to give a faithful criticism. I’m pretty liberal with this kind of thing, but don’t overdo it.

Obviously you don’t get to reproduce great chunks of my work for your own profit.

Older works previously published elsewhere under creative commons, republished here, are now published under copyright. However, unless otherwise specified, all previous rights granted to syndicate this earlier material are assumed to continue (but only for the earlier material).

If you want to undertake full-text syndication of material first published here at Rousing Departures, you’ll need to ask (I’ll most probably say ‘yes’ for free, for a duration, but don’t take this for granted). However, if you only wish to publish the first few lines of an article while linking to the full text here, permission is hereby granted.

Obviously, my own submission of full-text material from Rousing Departures to other publications will infer the right to reproduce. This much is ceded.

The bits that aren’t mine…

Work sourced from public domain (e.g. expired copyright) or open source materials (e.g. creative commons, GPL or other open licenses) are used with the intent of complying the relevant intellectual property rights. Copyrighted work not my own, published here, will be used under a given understanding (either with explicit permission, or with implicit permission such as in the case of certain media releases). There is no intent on my part to represent these works as my own.

If you feel that any third-party material published on Rousing Departures deviates from these stated intentions, or if a change in the legal status of these sources renders my use inappropriate, please contact me with further details and we’ll see what I can do.

Offending comments

I do have house rules around here, but sometimes things do get past weary eyes. If you feel you have been defamed, or plagiarised, or whatever else by a comment in a comments thread, please contact me with further details. I cede as much responsibility over published comments as is implied by law, and in some instances maybe more, but I also assert a right to human error!

(Oh, and please, if you’re easily offended, try not to be too huffy. If I don’t think there’s a transgression against you, if you can’t show there is, and if you don’t have the inclination to take it to court, ranting about it isn’t going to get us anything other than yet another flame war on the Internet.)

~ Bruce